At a glance

Our organization's commitment to higher education development and enhancement is a principle that we will never compromise therefore we work hard on academic excellence through research and technical training taking advantage of technology and internet.

UAC Family onsite

10 full-time researchers

5 professional trainers

Average years of experience 3 years

99.9% training success rate

Maximum Training Class Size

15:1 trainees to trainer

15 trainees per class

Smaller groups for technical classes

80% of our trainees come back for more

Overall Stats

The below chart is a presentation of our core philosophy of enhancing the higher education nation wide through research and training sessions.
  • Research
  • Onsite training
  • Online training

The training programs we offer

Since we are a dedicated higher education enhancement center our aim is to uplift collage and university students knowledge and change them into a skilled professionals in the at most convenient way.

Question Answer
Name Upward Academics Center™
Founded 2018 March 15th by UAC Family
Current CEO Mahad A. Botan, BBA, Msc ’87
Trainees 131 from 15 programs
Onsite Trainers 5 Full-time, 3 Part-time
Research Ongoing in more than 5 topics
Products Virtual classes. and eLearning software i.e. Moodle
Alumni 50 since 2018
Departments Research, skill training, software house